Mediation for Resolutions

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts certifies and regulates Mediators and lists Rule 31 Mediators authorized to conduct mediations.

Mediation is a process whereby the Mediator sits the parties down to discuss and narrow the issues in an effort to bring the parties to an acceptable compromise. Mediation is far less costly than expensive, protracted litigation. Additionally, mediation often eliminates traditional ‘mud-slinging’ associated with courtrooms, trials, and the litigation process. This often reduces tension and tempers, facilitating a productive and reasonable dialogue designed to uncover resolutions which otherwise would have remained unconsidered in the litigation process.

A Mediator is not a judge or arbitrator so no binding decisions can be made by the mediator. Mediators are intermediaries present only to assist in guiding parties through the thought process of resolution. Compromise and participating in good faith is the operative word. Mediators go back and forth between the parties in an effort to help them reach a compromise. If an agreement is reached (a mutual compromise) it is reduced to writing, executed by the parties, and presented to the court for approval.

Our Mediation services help successfully resolve conflict. The Firm uses advanced virtual software designed specifically for mediation to ensure ease of use and confidentiality.