Legal issues can be challenging to deal with on your own. It is imperative when you need solid legal advice that you speak with an attorney with the experience and knowledge to handle your issues. At Bowe & Associates, PLLC we provide a broad range of legal services to both individuals who are dealing with divorce, are facing criminal charges or who have had their civil rights violated. We can help you understand how the law impacts your specific case and we will ensure that your rights are protected.

Business owners also face a unique set of legal challenges. In addition to potentially facing steep fines and penalties from local, state and federal regulatory agencies, they must also deal with other legal matters. Whether you are just starting up and uncertain what business structure is best for your business or you are considering working with a new vendor or hiring a key employee, we can help. We provide numerous services to businesses throughout Tennessee and the nation including, but not limited to, contract drafting and negotiations, dealing with employment contracts and non-compete agreements and we can also help when you are facing issues with zoning, property titles and more.

If you are facing business legal matters, family law matters or you need general legal help, contact Bowe & Associates, PLLC at (423) 475-6070. Our office is located in Chattanooga and we provide services to businesses and individuals all across Tennessee and throughout the nation.

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