Family Law Bowe & Associates

Family law issues require an attorney who is well versed in family law. Additionally, you want an attorney who is compassionate and listens to the various issues that are unique to your situation. Regardless of the type of family matter you are dealing with we can help. Some of the services we provide in our Chattanooga office for residents of Tennessee include:

  • Divorce – the divorce process is never easy; in addition to the legalities, it also involves emotions. You want to work with an attorney who understands every family is different and there is no “one-size” fits all approach to divorce. At Bowe & Associates PLLC we take the time to listen to the issues impacting your entire family and can help with all facets of divorce. We will help you deal with property and debt division issues, child and spousal support issues as well as custody issues.
  • Adoptions – being able to adopt a child is exciting and you need a competent attorney to make sure that all details are worked out in advance. Parental rights need to be terminated and other legal matters must be dealt with. We have the necessary experience to ensure your adoption goes through smoothly.
  • Juvenile – whenever your child is in need of legal help, we are here. Facing any type of juvenile law issues requires special handling to protect your child’s rights. At Bowe & Associates, PLLC, we have the skills and experience needed to ensure your child is treated with dignity and respect in the juvenile court system.
  • Hague Treaty Negotiations – when you are involved in a child custody battle or are concerned an overseas parent may attempt to take your child overseas, we have experience negotiating custody orders with foreign governments and judiciaries relying on the civil aspects of international child abduction and child custody.

Regardless of the legal challenges you are facing including divorce, adoptions or if your child is not being treated fairly by the educational system, we can help. Contact Bowe & Associates, PLLC for all family legal issues at (423) 475-6070. We have experience helping families all over Tennessee with these very sensitive and personal issues.