Businesses are often burdened by local, state and federal regulations which hamper their ability to provide goods and services. In some cases, businesses face difficulties getting approval for moving products, face challenges with licensing or may face matters that require an attorney for permits and compliance purposes. At Bowe & Associates, PLLC, we provide some of the following services to business owners all across Tennessee and throughout the nation:

  • Admiralty – nearly 80 percent of all goods exported from the United States travel by waterways. We provide legal assistance for complex antitrust issues, regulatory issues as well as providing litigation services before courts and administrative bodies.
  • Aviation – aircraft operators and airports are often hampered with massive paperwork due to Department of Homeland Security reporting requirements. We can help you respond to demands of DHS as well as help you with complex FAA requirements, investigations and reporting.
  • Transportation – those who provide transportation services in Tennessee must deal with both state and federal regulations including work hours. We can help you with any investigations into your current rules and regulations to ensure you are in full compliance with Tennessee rules as well as NHTSB rules and regulations.
  • Education – whether you are providing pre-school or college educations, you have to meet certain requirements set out by the Tennessee Department of Education as well as the federal DOE. We also know that frequently investigations are launched into your practices. We work hard to demonstrate your compliance with all issues that are raised during an investigation.
  • Hospitality and Entertainment – dram shop laws saddle companies that provide any type of hospitality with onerous regulations. If you face any legal challenges, we can help. Whether your company is charged with over-serving a customer or you face a lawsuit due to an incident on your property, call Bowe & Associates, PLLC.
  • Manufacturing – manufacturing companies have to deal with regulations laid out by the EPA and other administrative agencies. Additionally, your company could be dealing with zoning challenges and other local legal matters. At Bowe & Associates, PLLC we help businesses all over the Tennessee area answer to administrative investigations as well as help with various zoning problems.
  • Media – one of the most common issues media clients face is protecting their intellectual property. In today’s world of social media and online hacking, your company could be facing a legal dispute over trademarks or even domain names. We have the skills and experience you need to fight back and protect your company.
  • Real Estate Title Services – if your company has purchased property and there is a defect in the title we can help you resolve this issue. The sooner you seek legal help, the sooner the problem can be resolved in your favor. Issues of abutments, zoning or mechanics liens can cause all types of problems when you try to sell your property later.

Contact Bowe & Associates, PLLC at (423) 475-6070 when you face any type of legal issues whether for a local, state or federal administrative agency. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights.